It's a valuable product!
"Everyone knows the search tool that Microsoft has in Windows XP (and the rest of it's operating systems) is SLOW! Really slow. Hampering my efficiency slow. So I've been looking for software that will search my system instantly for what I need. I found some of this software is $100! I can't afford that for search software-- XP itself isn't even that much! So I didn't expect much for less than half that price when I downloaded and tried your software, but TurboSearcher works as advertised! The results are instant and it indexes your hard drive in a few short minutes. I've got 3- 80gig hard drives and it takes almost no time to index them all."

"Just thought I'd write and tell you how much I appreciate an excellent product at a fair price. I can count how often I've experience that on one hand over the years. Keep it up and let's see more products from you guys!"

- Gary Mickelson
Park Rapids, MN

My Daily Tool!
"Thanks for the new version 3.0. Thank you for including all features I asked for e.g the foldersize, it REALLY helps a lot."

"Turbo Searcher is now a formidable searcher, the very best I have used, & I have tried a lot of them. Excellent work!! I recommend it to all my friends & workers."

- Barry Laidler
South Africa

Effective File Searcher!
"Your program is a true marvel. I am amazed at its speed and thoroughness."

"I found some files that I thought were gone. The Windows search failed to find what I was looking for. Your program found them instantaneously."

- David M. Everett,
GARD Specialists Co.,Inc.

Great Customer Service!
"I wish to thank you for the great customer service, and I hope your product is a great seller!"

"Thanks again!"

- RM
Satisfied Customer

Excellent Technical Support!
"I rank your support as excellent! I am a former CIO with a large hospital and truly understand the need for prompt accurate support and the value it adds to any product. Your product is truly amazing. I feel like I am know able to find all of the data that has been hiding."


Great Product!
"I have to tell you that one reason for me to decide for buying a new software product is a good support and I must say that yours seems okay to me! no just kidding, I'm really impressed! "

"I'm very satisfied with your great product and I think I finally found "my" search tool."

"I also will tell all of my friends of your great tool."

- Lutz Gera.

Powerful Features!
"I find the new features very useful, also the "duplicate search". As you know, I appreciate the product very much and the interface is nice and user-friendly."

- Arthur R. Gotlieb

Better Than Else!
"Just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to evaluate several programs for finding files, such as ...
Your program is the best and stands head and shoulder above everyone else. The speed and easy are amazing. Keep up the good work."

- R.B.

The Most Appealing!
"After evaluating several file search products (...), i found your product the most appealing."

- Daniel Gross

Save Me a lot of Time!
"Just wanted to express my gratitude!"

"Even the first version of Turbo Searcher that I tried was impressive, and already has saved me a lot of time - but the v3.10 is simply awesome! This has become an indispensable tool in my daily work."

"Congratulations on a splendid product - and excellent customer service!"

- Ove Fondenes

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