Knownsoft Privacy Statement

Knownsoft is commited to making search on your computer easily. We recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we designed and build Turbo Searcher with respect for your privacy.

What does Turbo Searcher do with the information on my computer?

So that you can easily and fast search your computer, Turbo Searcher indexes and stores informations of your files, such as file name, file size, file create time, etc. Your computer's content is not make accessible to Knownsoft or anyone else without your explicit permission.

Does Turbo Searcher has or embeds any viruses, spywares, malwares or other hidden files?

ABSOLUTELY NO! We test and scan our programs completely before we release it, we PROMISE that our program DOES NOT include all of these baleful programs, and also DOES NOT include any hidden files which may be running silently in your system!

Will Turbo Searcher steal any information on my computer?

ABSOLUTELY NO! Turbo Searcher will never steal or send any information on your computer to us to others! It obeys the international law and respects the privacies of all people.

What informations does Knownsoft recieve if I using Turbo Searcher?

Nothing! During installation of Turbo Searcher, and during usage of Turbo Searcher, it will never send any information, include your name, email address, system information and others to Knownsoft.

Does Knownsoft will share or sold my personal information if I buy your software?

Never! We keep your information only for upgrading newsletter and order lookup, we will never share or sold your personal information to any one or any organizations, such as your email address, your name, your phone number,etc. If you don't want to recieve any newsletter, you can uncheck "Please send me product update information" when you are purchasing our product. If you don't want to use your credit card to purchase our product, please click here for other order options.

Children’s Privacy

Knownsoft will comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to collection and use of information from children, including the Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act of the United States. We will follow the notice, consent and opt-out procedures of that legislation and will establish reasonable procedures designed to protect information collected from children.

How Does Knownsoft Protect Customer Information?

The secure sales system of Knownsoft is depend on Emetrix, customers who buy through the Emetrix system are shopping on a secure server which encrypts all of a customer's personal information. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a third party to access or use your personal information in an unauthorized manner.

Emetrix has developed its service with security as a top priority. We use firewalls to prevent access to information in our system and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt your personal information and protect it from disclosure, destruction, modification or use.

How to uninstall Turbo Searcher.

You can end your use of Turbo Searcher at any time by uninstalling the Turbo Searcher software through the "Uninstall Turbo Searcher" icon. When you uninstall the software, the Turbo Searcher is deleted, for using Turbo Searcher next time conveniently, the index and registration information are not deleted, you should delete them manually. The original files and applications remain unaffected.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Knownsoft may amend this Policy from time-to-time. We suggest you visit this Website periodically to determine whether or not any such changes have been made.

Knownsoft Contact Information

If you have questions or comments or would like to contact us concerning our Privacy Statement, please contact us online at the following address: . We look forward to hearing your feedback.


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